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Jersey Hotels

This Month’s Best Jersey Offers – Breakaways inclusive of hotel and car ferry

small photo of Talana Hotel
Talana Hotel
2 star rating icon
3 nights
Up to 26th Apr
from £175

small photo of Mountview Express
Mountview Express
3 star rating icon
3 nights
Up to 24th Apr
from £179

small photo of Savoy
4 star rating icon
3 nights
Up to 25th Mar
from £219

Jersey Hotels Directory Listing by Grade

Notes on gradings of Jersey Hotels

Holidaymakers should bear in mind that not all hotels in the Channel Islands are purpose built but are often skilful adaptations of large houses. Therefore it should also be noted that hotel amenities cannot necessarily be compared with those in the UK or in other countries. We have tried to be as accurate as possible with our hotel information and have avoided descriptive wording which may be interpreted wrongly. All accommodation featured in our website has been carefully chosen to meet standards required, although obviously the quality of each establishment is open to personal interpretation! For your guidance accommodation rises in grade as follows:

Jersey Guesthouses 1 – 3 Stars, Hotels 1 – 5 Stars.
In addition, registered hotels that are approved and classified as hotels but which do not achieve the 1 Star standard.

Note: Some hotels have chosen to be ungraded others are awaiting grading at the time of publication. The various grades awarded to hotels and guesthouses as shown in this brochure are strictly in accordance with those confirmed by the Jersey Tourism Authorities. It is therefore not possible to directly compare these grades with those in the UK or any other country. If you need any advice on the Jersey grading system to ensure that you choose your accommodation in line with your requirements, please do not hesitate to ask. These grades are correct at the time of publication. Should changes subsequently occur we will notify you when we are officially advised.