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FAQ for Channel Islands

Do I need special insurance if taking my car over to the Channel Islands?

Yes, you will need a valid insurance certificate covering the Channel Islands as well as your full photographic new style driving licence.

What currency is used in the Channel Islands?

Jersey and Guernsey both trade in sterling, thus British coins and notes mix freely with their own, so there’s no problem. All the big banks have branches in the Islands and cheques and credit cards are widely accepted. Any unused Jersey or Guernsey notes can be changed in the UK banks for sterling.

Is there any time difference compared to the UK mainland?

No, the Channel Islands has the same time zone as the UK.

Do I get compensation if my sailing is delayed or cancelled?

Customers who experience a cancellation, delay in departure or delay in arrival may choose to claim on their travel insurance. We strongly recommend all clients are adequately insured.

Condor Ferries abides by the EU Passenger Regulations 1177/2010. These regulations should not be considered as replacing the need for travel insurance. If a ferry is delayed by more than 90 minutes you will be offered a choice between a full refund within seven working days (leaving you free to make your own travel arrangements) or an alternative sailing at the earliest opportunity at no additional cost.

Where there is an overnight delay and the cause is within our control, you may be entitled to accommodation either onboard ship (cabins) or ashore up to a limit of 80 Euros per person per night. Condor Ferries are entitled to ask you to return home overnight too.

In the event of delays or cancellations caused by adverse weather conditions that endanger the safe operation of the ship or if the delay is caused by extraordinary circumstances which could not reasonably be avoided, Condor Ferries do not offer any compensation. Customers should refer to their travel insurance policy for any claim entitlements.