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Condorbreaks Booking Conditions for the Channel Islands

Please find detailed below general information which we trust will answer any queries, together with our booking conditions which should be carefully noted. If you require further information, please ask. Condorbreaks is a trading name of Travelsmith Limited

Your contract is with Travelsmith Ltd, a member of ABTA. When you make a booking, you guarantee that you are authorised to accept the booking conditions on behalf of your party. A contract will exist as soon as payment is received by us.


Please see individual web pages for full details of what your holiday costs include. All prices are shown as per person, based on commencement date and will be advised at the time of booking. Supplements are also per person, based on the applicable rates valid during your holiday.


Holidays are based on Condor Ferries using a catamaran or ship. In respect of the latter cabins and upgraded seats are only available at a supplement. All sea travel is subject to the operating schedules of Condor Ferries (not always daily) and their conditions of carriage. Wherever possible we will try to meet your specific requirements in respect of schedules. If it is not possible (as for obvious reasons we cannot always comply) no refund of any monies paid will be made and you will not have the right to cancel your booking except in accordance with our normal cancellation terms. With regard to bookings made online, please note that it is the client’s responsibility to detail the correct length and height for the vehicle specified upon booking. All vehicles and trailers greater than their declared length, height or weight will be liable to an excess charge at the port(s) of departure and will be subject to space being available; therefore, carriage cannot be guaranteed under such circumstances. This website is issued on the sole responsibility of the tour operator and does not commit any carrier whose services are used.


Accommodation will be ready for you from 2pm on your arrival date and you are asked to vacate your accommodation by 10am. Occasionally you may be able to vacate later, but please check with your holiday accommodation management


The arrival day at your resort counts as the first day and the departure day from your resort counts as the last day, regardless of timings.


In the case of disability, or where for medical reasons special services are required (e.g. gluten-free diets, etc.) full details should be provided at the time of booking in order that we can try to help. Although we regret that no guarantee can be given, we will be pleased to assist wherever possible. We cannot be held responsible for problems encountered where full details have not been supplied to us and subsequently confirmed in writing by us. Full information must be given and if necessary, reconfirmed separately in writing giving details of any disability and assistance required.


are all provided subject to written confirmation (including any holidays not featured in our website, where tailor-made arrangements apply).


Condor Ferries have a list of prohibited articles that are regarded as endangering the safety and security of passengers. If you are unsure of any particular item that you may wish to take, please ask.


Bookings are confirmed when we have received the appropriate deposit and/or full payment. Balance payments are due 8 weeks prior to departure date. If balance payment is not received by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel all arrangements and impose cancellation fees in accordance with the schedule below. There is no charge for payment by debit or credit cards. Should you have to cancel your holiday the following scale of charges will apply: 42 days or more deposit is forfeit, 41-29 days @ 80%, 28-15 days @ 90%, within 14 days @ 100%. NB: Where cancellation occurs within 42 days of travel and the % charge equates to less than the minimum charge (i.e. loss of deposit) then the higher charge will apply. Should you wish to alter your arrangements, and assuming such alterations are possible, a charge of at least £30 per person will be made. Alterations made within 6 weeks of departure will be subject to higher charges in line with our cancellation fees. Any alteration or cancellation must be notified in writing and, in respect of the latter, the level of charges will be based on the date written instructions are received by Travelsmith. It is essential that all clients take holiday insurance cover (please see our Insurance page). If the reason for your cancellation is covered by your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges.


Any reductions for accommodation are based on children or infants sharing with 2 adults in a room with extra child bed(s) or cot(s). In certain instances some hotels may make a charge for food consumed, where we have made no charge for the holiday. Such payments are normally made direct to the hotel, unless otherwise specified.


in hotels and guesthouses comprises B&B (bed & English breakfast daily), B&CB (bed & continental breakfast daily) or Half Board (including dinner daily) commencing with dinner on the first day, terminating with breakfast on the last day. No allowance can be given for unused accommodation or meals not taken due to temporary absence, including late arrival on the first day or early departure on the last day. Where optional supplements for half board are shown, these prices are only valid if booked in advance. All holiday establishments used throughout this brochure are registered and graded by the Tourism Authorities of the appropriate resorts and are correct at time of going live.


Higher grade hotels usually offer a sufficient choice of menu to provide for all tastes. However please note that in guesthouses and in most middle range hotels where special diets such as vegetarian meals are requested, the menu will normally be very limited. If you are unsure, please ask when booking.


Holidaymakers should bear in mind that not all hotels in the Channel Islands are purpose built but are often skilful adaptations of large houses. Therefore it should also be noted that hotel amenities cannot necessarily be compared with those in the UK or in other countries. We have tried to be as accurate as possible with our hotel information and have avoided descriptive wording which may be interpreted wrongly. All accommodation featured in our brochure has been carefully chosen to meet standards required, although obviously the quality of the establishment is open to personal interpretation! For your guidance accommodation rises in grade as follows:

Guernsey: Guesthouses from 1 – 5 Diamonds, hotels 1 – 5 Stars

Jersey: Guesthouse from 1 – 5 Stars, hotels 1 – 5 Stars. In addition, registered hotels that are approved and classified as hotels but which do not achieve the 1 Star standard.

Note: Some hotels have chosen to be ungraded others are awaiting grading at the time of publication. The various grades awarded to hotels and guesthouses as shown in this brochure are strictly in accordance with those confirmed by the Jersey and Guernsey Tourism Authorities. It is therefore not possible to directly compare these grades with those in the UK or any other country. If you need any advice on the Jersey and Guernsey grading system to ensure that you choose your accommodation in line with your requirements, please do not hesitate to ask. These grades are correct at the time of publication. Should changes subsequently occur we will notify you when we are officially advised.


We accept full responsibility for ensuring that the arrangements which we have agreed to provide are in accordance with the description in the brochure and are of a reasonable standard. In this respect, we are pleased to make it clear that we accept responsibility for the negligent acts or omissions of our employees and agents and of our subcontractors and suppliers. We will pay damages calculated in accordance with English legal principles in respect of the death, bodily injury or illness suffered by any member of the party during the holiday and caused by the negligent act or omission of our employees or agents or by one of our suppliers or subcontractors or by their servants or agents provided that they were acting within the scope of or in the course of their employment and on our business. Please note that there are important conditions attached to this commitment and a copy of the applicable conditions will be supplied on request.


In the unlikely event that a major change is made to your holiday arrangements, we will inform you as soon as possible and offer the best available alternative, or issue a prompt and full refund of all monies received by us from each person in
your party. In the case of a change in your accommodation, any alternative would be of comparable or higher standard. When a major change is notified, you will (provided you have paid the final balance) be entitled to compensation with a rising scale of payment geared to the length of time prior to departure at which advice has been given. We shall not cancel your holiday after the date when payment of the balance price has become due unless for reasons beyond our control or the client’s non-payment of the balance.


  1. Most changes are minor and do not give any entitlement to compensation or cancellation. A major change can be defined as a change in resort area or the time of departure or return by more than twelve hours.
  2. There is no entitlement to compensation in respect of changes or cancellations amounting to force majeure, e.g. war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial disputes, terrorism, natural or nuclear disasters, fire or adverse weather conditions. If we cancel your holiday in such an event, we will offer you a refund of all monies paid (less any nonrecoverable costs) or, if we are able to, a comparable alternative holiday but we shall be under no further liability. NB: Where holiday arrangements are disrupted as a result of force majeure including industrial action (by those not employed by Travelsmith Ltd and any of their subsidiaries) or adverse weather conditions we will assist wherever possible but cannot accept any liability. In certain circumstances any extra costs may be covered by insurance, which is considered essential.


In the event of a sailing being cancelled or delayed due to adverse weather conditions, please ensure you have sufficient funds to pay for any additional expenses as these are the client’s responsibility. In the event of a sailing being cancelled or delayed because of technical reasons, Condor Ferries will be liable to pay compensation in accordance with the EU directive. Furthermore, it should be noted that if there is any loss of holiday time there cannot, under normal circumstances, be any refund from us. In the case of cancellations caused by the weather, we will offer as much assistance as possible to retain your holiday, although all arrangements are outside of our own control. Whilst it may be possible to get a refund on the travel element of your holiday in such circumstances, we are unlikely to get anything else refunded. Your insurance should also cover you for all medical expenses which might be incurred, including possible repatriation.


We should point out that with the support of ABTA (the Association of British Travel Agents) all hotels, campsites, shipping lines, etc., have the right to refuse admission/transportation to any persons behaving in a disorderly manner to the discomfort of fellow holidaymakers. Moreover, any such persons will have no redress regarding refunds on tickets, etc. Furthermore, the majority of hotels refuse to accept all-male groups. In any event more detailed information may be required prior to the acceptance of such bookings. We are sure that this ruling can only improve matters for the vast majority of clients.


If you have a problem during your holiday, please inform the relevant supplier (e.g. hotel manager) and (where applicable) our resort representative at the earliest opportunity, so that we are given the chance to restore holiday satisfaction. If this is not possible and your holiday enjoyment is affected, you should contact Travelsmith without further delay – full details of our contact service are supplied with your travel documents. We will do our utmost to resolve the problem while you are on holiday. If you remain dissatisfied, please ensure that you follow the matter up within 28 days of your return home by writing to our Customer Services Department, Travelsmith giving your original booking reference number and other relevant information. It is therefore a condition of this contract that you communicate any problem to the appropriate supplier AND, where applicable, to our representative whilst in resort and obtain a written report form. If you fail to follow this simple procedure we cannot accept responsibility as we have been denied the opportunity to investigate and resolve the problem. It is our policy to help wherever possible and resolve any problem quickly, fairly and amicably. However, disputes arriving out of, or in connection with this contract, which cannot be amicably settled, may (if the customer wishes) be referred to arbitration under a special scheme which, though devised by arrangement with ABTA, is administered quite independently by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. The Scheme (details on request) provides for a simple and inexpensive method of arbitration on documents alone with restricted liability on the customer in respect of costs. The scheme does not apply to claims for an amount greater than £5,000 per person or £25,000 per booking form or to claims which are solely or mainly in respect of physical injury or illness or the consequences of such injury or illness. If you elect to use this scheme, written notice requesting arbitration under the scheme must be made within 9 months after the scheduled date of return from the holiday.


Where we show accommodation with an outdoor pool, it may not always be in use during early and late seasons and may not always be heated. Furthermore, pools (indoor or outdoor) may be subject to closure or restricted use in line with regulations that may be imposed by local authorities at any time.


is considered essential and all clients should be adequately insured.


British citizens do not currently need a passport to travel to the Channel Islands, however please read important information below on photographic ID. If wishing to take an excursion or day trip from the Channel Islands to France please be aware that a passport will be required. NB: holders of non-British passports and/or British passports issued overseas should check with the relevant consulate in case visa/special permits are required.


With effect from 1st March 2019 Condor Ferries require all passengers to carry a form of photographic ID. Unfortunately, without an accepted form of photo ID to show at check-in passengers will not be permitted to board. Children under the age of 16 can travel on domestic services without photo ID provided the accompanying adult can vouch for their identification.

Accepted travel documents include:

  • A valid passport (i.e. in date)
  • An expired passport (domestic routes only, up to two years after expiry)
  • Valid EU or Swiss national identity card
  • Valid driving licence (full or Provisional are accepted)
  • Valid armed forces identity card
  • Valid police warrant card/badge
  • A child on parent’s passport is an acceptable form of ID
  • Citizen Card or Civilian Card, available from
  • Valid firearm certificate
  • Valid government-issued identity card
  • NHS SMART card
  • Electoral identity card
  • NUS card (National Union of Students)
  • University/college ID card
  • Company ID card of nationally recognised company
  • Council issued bus pass
  • Young Scot card
  • Disabled badges which have a photograph of the holder
  • Certificate of Competency issued by the government (domestic routes only, must be photographic)
  • VALIDATE UK PASS photographic proof of age cards
  • CPP Guernsey ID card
  • Guernsey 18+ card


The UK NHS does not apply in Guernsey and you would have to pay for medical treatment. Jersey has a reciprocal agreement with the NHS for emergency treatment only. We consider that adequate travel insurance is essential.


Travel by sea in adverse weather conditions can be stressful and unpleasant. Passengers with known or suspected health problems, complicated pregnancies and passengers undergoing medical treatment are advised to seek medical advice before travelling. Passengers who are more than 28 weeks pregnant should not travel without a doctor’s certificate. Please note Condor Ferries will not accept passengers for carriage more than 34 weeks pregnant.


All contents have been compiled and checked as carefully as possible to ensure accuracy at the time of publication. Prices are based on known hotel rates and transport costs as at 3rd October 2017 (based on £1 – $1.32 – source Financial
Times). Please refer to the section on money matters for further information.


Please be assured that we have measures in place to protect the personal booking information held by us. This information will be passed on to the principal and to the relevant suppliers of your travel arrangements. The information may also be provided to public authorities such as customs and immigration if required by them, or as required by law. Certain information may also be passed on to security or credit checking companies. In making this booking, you consent to this information being passed on to the relevant persons.) Full details of our data protection policy are available on request.


Travelsmith Ltd is a privately-owned company with directors’ resident in Essex and Cornwall. Responsibility for arranging your holiday is taken most seriously. Condorbreaks is a trading name of Travelsmith Ltd. Travelsmith Ltd is a subsidiary of Travelsmith Investments Ltd.

Registered office: Travelsmith House, Burnham On Crouch, Essex, CM0 8AA. Reg no 1722666. We will always be pleased to answer any queries you may have.


Sea holidays to the Channel Islands arranged by us are covered by an ABTA Tour Operator Bond. Travelsmith Ltd. ABTA V1290 (Head Office).