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Travelling with Pets to Jersey & Guernsey

General Information

Cats and dogs travelling direct from the UK and the Republic of Ireland to Jersey do not require an EU Pet Passport. Pets entering from another member state of the EU or a Non-EU listed country would need to be Pet Travel Scheme compliant and have a valid EU Pet Passport. For further information, please tel +44(0)1481 234567 or email Mike Northmore.

You should consider getting advice on how best to transport your pets and protecting the welfare of pets during the journey. Download DEFRA welfare of pets during travel leaflet (size 1.89mb) or you can contact a veterinary surgeon.

What pet owners need to do

Government Advice, UK – information on what you need to do for your pet.

Downloadable fact sheet from DEFRA concerning travel to and from European Union countries: dogs and cats.

Your pet should be healthy and fit for the intended journey. If necessary, ask your vet for advice before beginning the journey. An animal is not normally fit to travel if it is ill or injured (except for minor illness or injury).

Travelling by ferry, if you are travelling on a ferry in a vehicle:

  • try and get to the port early so that the carrier can give you the most suitable position in the car deck for your pet
  • travel overnight if possible, when the temperature may be cooler
  • make sure that the ferry company officials responsible for loading know that there is a live animal in your vehicle, and follow their instructions
  • before you leave your vehicle, make sure that your pet will have enough ventilation (normally you will need to leave a least one of the windows partly open) but it is important to make sure your pet cannot escape
  • make sure your pet is comfortable and has enough water
  • never leave your pet in a vehicle in direct strong sunshine or high temperatures as it is difficult to make sure there is enough ventilation to keep it cool. The inside of a vehicle left in strong sunlight on an open deck or in an enclosed deck where the temperature is likely to be higher than 25 degrees for more than a few minutes, will very quickly become too hot for the animal inside and cause distress and suffering.

You should inform the ferry operator that you wish to travel with your pet. For further information, please contact Condor Ferries, Jersey on 0845 345 2000.

For safety reasons, you are not normally able to visit the vehicle decks while the ferry is at sea, however, you should be able to arrange this if it is essential. The ferry company should tell you about its access policy.

Pet friendly accommodation available in Jersey & Guernsey.

Dogs in Jersey & Dogs in Guernsey