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NatWest Island Games XVI in Jersey

A time to shine 27 June – 3 July 2015

June saw over 4,000 competitors from over 24 different international islands arrive in Jersey to participate in 14 different sports taking place in 32 different venues on the the island. The friendly sports event was the 16th Island Games and last took place in Jersey in 1997.

Royal Jersey Golf Club
Jersey cycle race
Yacht at the Swan Regatta in Guernsey

The Island Games

The Games were first held in the Isle of Man in 1985 when 700 competitors from 15 islands took part. Proving a huge success, it was agreed to continue the festival every other year with the second Games being held in Guernsey in 1987. Member islands include UK islands such as Shetland, Orkney, Yns Mon, Sark, Alderney, Guernsey and Jersey as well as some more far reaching islands including The Falkland Islands, Rhodes, Bermuda and the Caymen Islands. Originally conceived to take place as part of the Isle of Man’s Year of Sport, competitive sport is only one aspect of the Games which also provide valuable cultural exchanges.

Sports Events

Sports events included football with 16 mens and 11 women’s football teams participating. Also taking place were events for archery, athletics, badminton, table tennis, basketball, golf, tennis, triathlon, cycling, shooting, volleyball and of course swimming and sailing, something every islander will be familiar with! As no sports event would be complete without a mascot, the Jersey 2015 Organising Committee teamed up with Durrell Wildlife Park and chose baby silverback gorilla, Indigo, as their mascot. Committee chairman, Phil Austin explained, ‘Indigo is young, energetic and active, and with the right encouragement, diet and exercise will grow into a strong silverback’ just as the competitors will grow into strong athletes given the right circumstances and the chances given to them through the Games. Toy versions of Indigo with a Jersey 2015 logo went on sale and were given to medal winners with the aim of also raising funds for Durrell. Indigo can be visited at the park.


Jersey is well equipped to provide first class sports facilities with Fort Regent providing the venue for basketball in Gloucester Hall and indoor volleyball in Queens Hall. Golf was catered for at La Moye and Royal Jersey Golf Clubs whilst table tennis took place at the purpose built Geoff Reed Table Tennis Centre which is next to the athletics track at FB Fields in St Clement. Badminton took place at The New Gilson Hall at La Pouquelaye with Caesarean Tennis Club providing hard, indoor and synthetic courts for tennis. Springfield Stadium in St Helier was used for a number of football games with Jersey Rugby Club becoming the venue for archery competitions. Swimmers spent the majority of their time in beautiful St Brelade at Les Quennevais Sports Centre whilst Crabbé Ranges at picturesque La Grève de Lecq was the venue for shooting competitions. St Aubin’s Bay became a focal point with both sailing and triathlon competitors based there whilst Weighbridge Place in St Helier received 650 tonnes of sand to enable two outdoor beach volleyball courts to be created, just a short walk from the indoor courts at Fort Regent. Other venues across the island completed upgrades in preparation for the games.

Jersey tops the medals tables

After all the preparation and excitement, it was the Jersey team who topped the medals tables with the Isle of Man and Guernsey not far behind. The next Island Games will take place in Gotland, Sweden in 2017.

Visit Jersey’s sporting grounds

June and July were exciting times for Jersey. If you were unable to visit during the Island Games, why not pop over and make the most of the excellent sports venues now. For travel and accommodation options take a look at our Jersey hotel deals and offers or choose from: