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Channel Islands running events and running trails

What sort of running events and trails are there?

Outdoor sports are a great way to make the most of the milder weather enjoyed in the Channels Islands. With beautiful and often challenging coastlines and pretty inland routes, the islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm make for a great place to walk, run, cycle or generally just get out about and enjoy. There are a good number of Channel Islands running events and running trails taking place each year:

  • Guernsey Ultra 36 miles – Starting in St Peter Port, 17 miles of steep and challenging coastal paths with stunning views before a more gentle finish.
  • Round the Rock Ultra – Early morning start for a 48 mile run in Jersey circling the island. Relay teams, solo runners or challenge yourself to break the 6 hour mark!
  • Double Islands Ultra – 48 miles in Jersey followed by 36 miles in Guernsey
  • 5 Islands Ultra – Yes, you’ve guessed – around 100 miles of running encompassing the islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm and meeting up with running events taking place on the islands at the same time over the 3 days. Travel, food, accommodation and a masseur included! A popular event, early booking advised.
  • Titanium Man Triathlon – situated in Jersey with 3 choices of course length, the event can be entered as a solo competitor or relay team of 2 or 3 participants. Beginning with a swim around a triangular course at St Aubin’s Fort, it is followed by a circular cycle around the island in a westerly direction. This includes the rugged and challenging north coast path! Finishing with a flat running course. Goody bags and medals for all participants plus winning prizes.

Hare and Tortoise Events

The running events mentioned above are offered by Hare and Tortoise Events. Run by Digby Ellis-Brecknell, they are aimed at challenging your sense of adventure as well as the limits of your endurance. Based on running, events can include swimming, cycling and perhaps a little paddle boarding and archery to add to the mix. Whether you are in it for the fantastic scenery and fitness or to compete against personal times or against others, there will be something for everyone who has an interest in running. Digby is also available as a personal trainer and consultant.

So, why Hare and Tortoise Events?

We all know the tale of the Hare and the Tortoise; the enthusiastic (and sometimes arrogant) Hare who believes he can outstrip the slow and steady Tortoise only to find Tortoise’s inner strength and enjoyment of the event see him first to the finishing line. The story has been adopted by Hare and Tortoise Events to illustrate the different angles people take when it comes to sportsmanship. Digby has however added some further chapters to explain the ethos behind his venture:

Chapter 2

Whereas ”slow and steady wins the race” was the original moral to the tale, Digby adds a further chapter to his online story to illustrate another side of sportsmanship. Hare realises his defeat was probably down to setting off in the midday sun which contributed to him falling asleep. He decides to challenge Tortoise again but to play to his strengths and begin early. Hare wins the race, leaving the second moral as ”fast and consistent always beats slow and steady.”

Chapter 3

Not content with one race win each, Hare still feels the need to prove he is superior. He again challenges Tortoise to a race only this time Tortoise suggests a different route encompassing some swimming, unbeknown to the non-swimming Hare. Tortoise plays to his strengths this time, leaving the reader with the moral “identify your core strengths and change the playing field to suit ensure success.”

Chapter 4

Realising they can both win if they help each other, Chapter 4 is the story of Tortoise and Hare racing again only this time Tortoise carries Hare over the water. The final moral being ” Individually we can succeed but working together in partnership to make best use of our our skills will ensure success.”

The question is, which type of Hare or Tortoise are you?

Details for running event providers

For Hare and Tortoise Events, Digby Ellis-Brecknell can be contacted on Tel: 07797768480 or email him at:

Digby also works in conjunction with Run Jersey who offer a range of summer events and trails especially suitable for holiday makers.

Dates and accommodation

For more details on specific dates for the events, please take a look at our News & Events section. You can browse our website if you are looking for a package with sea travel and accommodation and want to come over and take part in any of the running events and trails. Date availability can then be checked with our online booking system.