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About Herm


Welcome to Herm

Tiny, beautiful and car free sums up Herm. Situated just 3 miles from the coast of Guernsey, Herm is one of Guernsey’s bailiwick islands and makes for an enjoyable day trip. A real escape from the stresses of everyday life, the mild climate has left beautiful gardens where tropical flowers thrive and white sandy beaches with turquoise waters make you feel as though you’ve landed on a tropical island.

Take a day trip

Herm is just one and a half miles long by around half a mile wide. As well as being car free, bicycles are also not permitted. The only form of transport allowed are tractors and quad bikes, which help transport luggage and goods around but they are few and far between. Herm has a history dating back to Neolithic times. A one time monastic colony, silver and copper and granite were also previously mined on the island.


The hub of the island is Manor Village where cottages, gift shops, The Mermaid Tavern and The White House Hotel are situated. Pack a picnic, choose to eat here or head to the beach cafés at Belvoir or Shell Beaches for crab sandwich or herm ice cream. Towards the north of the island lie most of the beautiful beaches with Belvoir Bay beach directly across the island from the harbour. A circular walk of the island will take around two hours where you’ll be treated to spectacular views from the south cliffs and beautiful beaches towards the north. Alternatively take a walk along Spine Road, a beautiful country lane through the middle of the island flanked with beautiful sea views.

Fishermans Bay, Herm
Herm hedge veg
walking in Herm

Herm Island Gardens

Herm’s award winning gardens are a delight. Usually frost free, the milder climate has allowed sub-tropical plants to thrive. There are no native trees on the island and so certain varieties were introduced and are carefully managed to offer a windbreak. Growing plants on an island can be a challenge due to sea spray but Herm’s gardeners have worked hard to create the beautiful landscape, winning many awards with their efforts. During the summer season Herm Island Garden Tours are popular and are led by the head gardener.

The Beaches

Herm’s unspoilt beaches are quite a treat. The powdery sands of Belvoir Bay reach far out to sea whilst Puffin Bay is a suntrap. Mouisonneire Beach with its rocky clusters runs right around the northern corner of Herm whilst the white sands of Shell Beach are made up of tiny broken shells. Living up to its name, Shell Beach is a great place to gather seashells and stop for an ice cream. Natural and uncrowded, there’s always a secluded spot, even in the height of summer. The shingle and sand beaches of Bear and Fisherman’s Bay are popular for fishing and paddling as they’re closer to the harbour.

Take a boat trip to Herm

Reaching Herm is easiest via Guernsey where the Trident Boat leaves from St Peter Port daily. The 20 minute journey ends at the harbour or Rosaire Steps where a steep climb will access the island. Herm Island Garden Tours and Christmas season sailings can be booked from St Peter Port. Alternatively, see the island by kayak or RIB ride as there are several companies who specialise in exploring the islands. This is also a great way to see seals and puffins around the rocky outcrops.

Going fishing in Herm
Trident ferry, Herm