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Alderney Stones

Follow a fascinating art installation

The Alderney Stones installation are a set of 11 giant 3 tonne boulders set around the coast of Alderney, made from compacted earth and filled with things found around the natural landscape. As the weather works its natural process of erosion on the stones, the objects inside will be revealed. Berries, old fishing line, tools and gloves will gradually remake their appearance as the stones melt back into the earth.

Renown sculptor, photographer and environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy produces sculptures and land art which often combine his love of the natural environment, albeit that sometimes this may mean including man made elements found in the natural landscape. However when Andy Goldsworthy and Tina Fiske first visited the islands of Guernsey, Herm, Sark and Alderney in 2008 to choose an island for a potential project, Alderney inhabitants weren’t so aware of the impact having a Goldsworthy project might have. It was only when an enthusiastic group of islanders realised they may miss out and rallied support that the project went ahead.

Walking is the best way to experience both Alderney and take in the magnificent stones. With some already fully eroded, a pdf map of the Alderney Stones can be downloaded from Visit Alderney which shows the locations and current state of the stones. The walk is over 10 miles long but follows a spectacular coastal route taking in the vast history and natural landscape of Alderney. The 11th stone was actually made in situ and is positioned inside a German war bunker. Whether you discover Alderney and then the stones or hear of the stones and discover Alderney, the stones will have done their job. As Andy Goldsworthy put it, Alderney:

“… seems to have a strong sense of layered past and a wide variety of locations in a small area. I hope that the Alderney ‘stones’ project will touch upon the social, geological, historical, climatic and agricultural nature of Alderney.”

Visit Alderney

Should you wish to visit Alderney and see the Alderney Stones as well as Alderney’s fascinating landscape, then why not island hop from Guernsey? Take a look at our island hopping packages and call us on 01621 734 111.

Alderney Stone Stack
Stones at Arch Bay in Alderney