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Channel Islands Food Quiz

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Do you know your Jersey Royal from your Jersey Wonder?

The Channel Islands have a lot to celebrate when it comes to food. An abundance of fresh local produce throughout the seasons and an inheritance of recipes and traditions has grown and attracted top chefs. Take our quiz and find out how much you know. Head to our food & drink page for help:

1. Gâche Mélée is:

  • A. A Guernesiaise word for a nasty cut.
  • B. A traditional Guernsey fruit loaf.
  • C. A Jersey trifle.

2. The doughnut type snack known as a Jersey Wonder is traditionally made on:

  • A. An outgoing tide.
  • B. An open fire.
  • C. A Wednesday.

3. The Channel Islands are known for their Anglo-French cuisine but which other type of cuisine has influenced many of the dishes?

  • A. Irish.
  • B. Portuguese.
  • C. Swedish.

4. Ormers are a protected species and are harvested during the first 4 months of the year – but what time is best?

  • A. During a new or full moon.
  • B. Lunch time.
  • C. At daybreak.

5. Which is a protected species?

  • A. The Golden Guernsey Goat.
  • B. Jersey cows.
  • C. Golden Guernsey cows.
Herm hedge veg
Dining overlooking St Peter Port
food at the Fleur du Jardin

6. Black Butter is:

  • A. Made from distilling Guernsey goats milk.
  • B. Usually smothered on Jersey Royal’s.
  • C. A black treacle like preserve made from Jersey apples.

7. The traditional Channel Islands pork and bean cassoulet known as ‘Bean Jar’ or ‘Bean Crock’ is so-called because:

  • A. Beans are soaked in jars for days until ready for adding other ingredients and then cooking.
  • B. In the past when islanders didn’t have their own ovens and to save money, a jar or crock of beans and pork was carried to a local bakery oven for overnight cooking.
  • C. It’s a casserole cooked in a kidney bean shaped dish.

8. Now enjoying a revival, up until the 1950’s one of Guernsey’s biggest exports was grown in greenhouses all over the island but what was it?

  • A. Cucumbers.
  • B. Melons.
  • C. Tomatoes.

9. Where has the most Michelin starred restaurants per square mile outside of London?

  • A. Jersey.
  • B. Guernsey.
  • C. Sark.

10. What has been used to make Jersey’s first artisan vodka?

  • A. Sloe berries from the north coast.
  • B. Jersey Royal potatoes.
  • C. Locally grown grapes.
Golden Guernsey cow
Autumn produce
Golden Guernsey goat


1. B – Gâche Mélée is a sweet apple fruit loaf made in Guernsey. Prounounced Gosh Mel, it’s lovely with a dollop of thick Guernsey cream!

2. A – Tradition had it that Jersey Wonders or Les Mèrvelles had to be cooked on an outgoing tide to prevent the fat overflowing!

3. B – There are a number of Portuguese restaurants around the islands as around 10% of the population originated from Portugal.

4. A – Ormers are a restricted delicacy and strict rules apply to harvesting them. The sea snails are known as Abalones elsewhere and in Jersey, to avoid extinction, they can only be harvested on full or new moon days and the two days afterwards between January and April.

5. C – Golden Guernsey Goats are in fact a rare protected species. There is mentioned of them on the island of Guernsey in the early 19th century but their population gradually decreased. A revival programme began in the 1930’s.

6. C – Black Butter actually has nothing to do with butter but is made by boiling cider and adding apples, sugar, liquorice, lemon and spices. The result is a sticky treacle like preserve.

7. B – A traditional and delicious recipe, Bean Jar is served in the islands today. Years ago, families would share the Bakery oven, taking their uncooked ingredients in a jar or pot, wrapped in brown paper and labelled with the family name to be cooked overnight.

8. C – Covered in grape vines in the 19th century, apple orchards and greenhouses full of tomatoes began to take over in the 20th century with tomatoes fast becoming Guernsey’s biggest export until the 1960’s when lower costs could be found in Holland. Gradually the greenhouses became derelict but have enjoyed a recent revival.

9. A – For a tiny island, Jersey currently has 4 prestigious Michelin starred restaurants which are: Shaun Rankin’s Ormer Restaurant, the Bohemia Bar and Restaurant at the Club Hotel & Spa, Tassili at the Grand Jersey and Mark Jordan’s Ocean at the Atlantic Hotel.

10. B – Producing a trial batch in 2011, La Mare Wine Estate operating as ‘The Jersey Royal Vodka Company’ are just about to release the first Vodka and Gin made from Jersey Royal Potatoes.

How did you do?

1 – 5 correct

You may need to gen up on your knowledge. Head to our Jersey or Guernsey holiday sections now and book some time away in the the Channel Islands!

6 – 9 correct

You’ve clearly visited before and enjoy your food and drink. Have you booked for Tennerfest?

10 out of 10

You need a season ticket! Have you booked for the Spring food festivals yet?!?

Chalk board menu
Jersey black butter jar
Sausmarez Gardens market, Guernsey

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