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Hidden isles in the Channel Islands

rib ride

Seals at Les Ecrehous

Channel Islands isles

Discover ‘The Minkies’ and other island adventures

For some, the Channel Islands will invoke glamorous memories of Bergerac driving his Triumph Roadster through the Jersey roads whilst on detective work. Known to be a tax haven and supporting rich businesses, the islands invoke thoughts of a millionaire lifestyle. Others may have seen pictures of golden beaches, heard of the great restaurants and warmer climate and feel they are close enough to be within reach. The question may just be which to visit, Jersey or Guernsey? However, how many of us know about the other Channel Islands? Perhaps you do know about Alderney, the third largest Channel Island or have heard about blissfully tranquil Sark and Herm which are tiny and car free but what about Les Minquiers, Les Écréhous or the ‘French Channel Island’ of Chausey? There are lots of exciting options when it comes to taking a day trip and discovering some of the hidden isles in the Channel Islands.

Famous Five Adventures

Okay, hands up, I was an avid Famous Five fan. I think it was all the secret plots, thoughts of pirates and treasure that kept me glued to the pages. However hidden islands certainly had their place and so the thought of visiting one would definitely have me hooked. Just take a look at this:

That is Les Minquiers, known as ‘The Minkies,’ a set of 5 deserted islands south of Jersey. The main island was once inhabited and is home to a few disused and summer holiday cottages whilst the sandstone shelf it lies on is a vast area submerged within the sea and home to a fantastic array of bio-diverse reef life. I’m sure any former hidden bounty would be long gone by now, but what a place to experience!

If you like the look of Les Minquiers then you may also want to visit Les Écréhous. Again, once inhabited, the now deserted islands lie within waters warmed by the Gulf Stream and attract rare species. During the summer months, the shallow lagoon is a great place for children to play but can get a bit crowded with fishing boats. This is mainly due to the waters gaining a popularity boost when mentioned by celebrity fish chef Rick Stein as a great place to fish for sea bass. Watch out for dolphins, seals, porpoises and basking sharks on your way.

Boat, RIB, kayak or jet-ski

Talking about travelling, there is quite a choice when it comes to discovering lesser known islands for day trips from the main islands. There are a choice of boat companies ready and waiting or have you thought about taking to the water on a kayak or rib? For more ideas and details on other islands take a look at our page ‘Day trips from Jersey and Guernsey‘. For now, I’ll leave you with my personal favourite. The video is a little longer and you may just get lulled by the calm waters and feeling of being in the middle of nowhere half way through but how much fun does this look!?

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